Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Past Winter

Would love to be in the shop. Where am I?  Shoveling, plowing, and plowing mounds of Minnesota snow,  We had as much snow fall in northern Illinois. It just got warm enough to melt.  Weather seems to be universally bad this winter.  Doesn't make me feel better that I am not alone.  LOL

Saw a post on Lumberjocks by Autumn, It has a series of pictures/a tutorial.  Really nice work.  Eventually I might get some nifty stuff going, but for now still shoveling. 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Why Woodbutchering?

The first time I heard the name it was in the title of a great book called the Woodbutchers Art of handmade houses. It was about people who have built their own houses on the land.  Not conventional houses but artfully cobbled together unique homes by everyday people.  Recently while looking for information on James Krenov a maker of subtle, charachter dominant studio furniture, I found that the name Woodbutcher is used by a writer.

To me, woodbutchering is a term for what I do which is neither professional, which I would hope to develope into, or even what I will call acceptable. LOL

If you are reading this, welcome. You probably have your own definition. Like to hear them.

Anyway it is the first day of a new year!  I'm having my 1st cup of coffee, of several to get started. And looking forward to the woodbutchers journey.

More coming as I get it together, whenever that is....LOL