Monday, March 14, 2011

Frankenbench the monster that lives!

Making mistakes as I build my bench. My intent was to make a work/storage area that would hold my compound miter saw, provide support for a sheet of plywood when cutting on the saw, and a strong surface to pound on while standing or sitting, and to hold my vices.  Oh yeah it covers the cat door going out of my little barn/shop. And helps redirect the cold Minnesota air when open.
Had problems with the height of my compound miter deck and the outfeed surface of the bench deck. Measured many times, cut as precise as I could, had to compensate for the pitches in my concrete floor. Attached it to the wall and put studs in to transfer load to concrete.  I am using materials for framing that I had not used for creepers on the concrete floor. Many twists and turns? Decided not to put the wooden floor in my shop leaving the pitched concrete, so many sheets of tongue and groove fir plywood to use up.
Well..I have problems with twisted 2x4's I think my outfeed bench might be too heavy, and attempting to have it straight and level as well as at same height. LOL
Thought I was spot on accurate. Sigh.....nope.  Stepped back to look at Frankenstein, and he is too high for the table saw!!!
The framing is done. Cut some of the plywood for bench top. And I am going to have to figure a way to get me up a few inches off  the concrete floor.  Yes you can laugh.  Hey I didn't srew it up for a client, and yes, if I am asked, that is just how I planned it. My wife named it Frankenbench.

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