Thursday, March 13, 2014

Shop Tool Assembly!

I've neglected this blog page for a number of years.  It's March of 2014 and spring is here.  I have been moving forward. 2 steps and one back. LOL!

I now have a new (old) cabinet saw that I purchased from a cabinet builder.  I got the beast home and off my truck myself.   It was a well used 3 HP Grizzly that has been discontinued.

I purchased the Heavy duty Shop Fox dolly, and this woosie guy got it on the dolly!

It has been working well.

I also have been blogging about my other shop equipment that I have finally assembled on Lumber Jocks  and I will start doing that here.

In May/June of 2013 I decided to organize (somewhat) and start using vertical space. I built  shelving from 1/2 inch plywood I had aging over many years.  Felt good to be a little more organized. I'm using it every shopday.

This is my Delta Lunchbox Planer, purchased many years ago, and recently cleaned up for use. I is discontinued.

I finally assembled my 7 inch Harbor Freight  Joiner/Planer  that they no longer carry.  Bad assembly instructions and I can't replace any parts.  But it has been aligned adjusted and used.

 Next is my Drill Press which is not made under it's own name anymore, and is now three times the price. LOL!
 This is how I engineered assembling the head onto the post.
 I was determined!  I pulled the parts for my Delta 1.5 hp dust collector (now too small for my needs) and found rusted areas in the metal body that I cleaned and painted and have now assembled...oh yeah it's superseded by a more expensive one.
Will add more of the tools I have been refurbishing later, have to go to the shop and rehab a Delta 18 inch c arm scroll saw which is.... yep. Discontinued!

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